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Orchid Recovery Center – Outstanding Job And A Wonderful Program

Posted by Admin On5th May 2010

My daughter Erin has just returned from The Orchid after 30 days plus detox. Her mother and I (her father) were delighted to see her. She has changed for the better and the reformation is obvious. On the day of her arrival home we attended an AA and Al-Anon meeting together. Erin has come to face life as it is in honest terms and is OK with it. The lessons learned at The Orchid and the “tools” that she left with to enable her to live a sober life are valuable assets. My sincere thanks and complements for an outstanding job and a wonderful program. Thank you for returning my beautiful daughter Erin to life and to us. The investment that made the Orchid possible for Erin was the best one of my life.

– John G