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Program Used By The Orchid Recovery Center For All Of Their Female Patients

Posted by Admin On24th November 2010

Any woman or girl who is suffering from problems related to substance abuse should really consider getting into contact with the good people at The Orchid Recovery Center. This is an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center based in Southern Florida. It is a rehab center that caters specifically to female substance abuse patients. Most rehabilitation centers admit both male and female patients, but common sense tells us that there are concrete differences between the sexes. This has a detrimental effect on the process of rehabilitation for females, whose specific needs are ignored or under-served. There are separate reasons for abusing substances between women and men, so it is natural that the solutions to those problems would be different too.

Women can often be faced with social stigmas like shame and guilt. This often prevents them from seeking help when they otherwise would. Women are considerably more likely to have concurrent mental or self-esteem issues than men. Dr. Karen Dodge is the inventor and continual developer of a program known as the “Orchid Model”. This is the program used by the Orchid Recovery Center for all of their female patients. It places a heavy emphasis on the need for an interdependent network of females, who can provide support to their fellow patient.